"The doctor of the future
will give no medicine
but will interest his patients
in the care of the human
frame, in diet and in the
cause and prevention of
disease." -- Thomas Edison

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As a licensed Boulder acupuncture practioner, personal trainer, and social worker, I am convinced that nearly every ailment that affects the human condition must be approached from multiple angles and treatment modalities to be appropriately addressed. Acupuncture by nature is multi-pronged in its approach. It simultaneously addresses both physical and emotional imbalances making it especially appropriate and effective in treating complex conditions. In addition, through the use of corrective exercise, nutritional counseling, and examination of the possible psychological components in a patient’s presentation I am able to obtain a more complete picture of the person and their condition to improve the success of treatment.

My Boulder acupuncture practice is located in Denver, Colorado, and I invite you to contact me for a free consultation if you are investigating health treatment options for sports related injuries, chronic pain, stress relief, digestive issues, depression, anxiety or any other physical or emotional issue that may be impacting your life. Whether you seek treatment for an ailment or just want to improve your overall sense of health, energy and vitality, your visit here proves you’ve taken the first step towards shaping the future of your wellness.

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David Miller, LAc, CPT, MSW

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What Clients Say

I was a bit aprehensive at first – who likes needles?!? But it was comfortable, relaxing, and virtually pain-free! My 90-minute acupuncture appointment has become the highlight of my week!
Mandy, Office Manager, Boulder, CO
I am picky when it comes to my health care providers. David is gifted with listening, helping and healing. I always felt confident that I received quality care with him.
Suzanne, YMCA Wellness Coach, Boulder CO
After many years of being an athlete, adding Acupuncture to my regime changed my life for the better. Not only am I more flexible and enjoying far fewer aches and pains, my blood pressure is improved and my stress is greatly reduced.
John, Engineer, Boulder CO

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