David Miller

David MillerDavid approaches wellness from multiple angles and his experience in different fields offers patients a broad spectrum of treatment in a single session. He specializes in sports medicine, mental health, and digestive disorders, but also has clinical experience in the treatment of a vast array of conditions. He is certified by the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is licensed in the state of Colorado for acupuncture and social work. He also maintains a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine for personal training. In addition, he holds a bachelors degree from Michigan State University in psychology, a master’s degree from the University of Michigan in social work and non-profit management, and earned a second master’s degree in Acupuncture from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO.

David Miller has been studying and working in the health and wellness field since 1998. He practices as an acupuncturist, personal trainer, and social worker, believing that in the fragmented world of health care, a comprehensive approach is the most effective way to provide affordable, reliable, and consistent care for the patient.

Why I practice Chinese Medicine

I love what I do because the medicine is so versatile and works so well. People experience amazing results and often walk away with more benefits than they had imagined possible. Even more, I am humbled by the innate capacity of the human body to heal itself. Acupuncture does not put anything new into the patient; it works simply by moving and suggesting change with what is already there. Many have made comparisons to Chinese medicine with gardening in that one cannot make the plants grow, they can only give the plants what they need and set the conditions in such a way that they can grow and flourish on their own. Working as a catalyst for change, entering into healing alliances with individuals and families, it is both gratifying and exciting to be a part of people’s lives in this way.

There are many things that we take for granted after a while, like a good night’s sleep, sustained energy throughout the day, and efficient digestion after we eat. After experiencing symptoms like fatigue, abdominal cramps, or daily headaches, we begin to accept that these are somehow normal or that “we just have to live with it”. When viewed from a fresh perspective, these are the signs of imbalance, and removing imbalances like these is a large part of the unique and inspiring contribution of Chinese medicine.

How I Got Started

I used to want to be a physical therapist and then a psychotherapist, but each field alone seemed myopic in its individual scope. I felt like there were things being left out, and I wanted to approach health from a more comprehensive perspective, looking at the whole person. I grew up observing, watching how people lived and dealt with health issues, people who existed daily with chronic pain and were only offered a pill. I wanted to find a way to offer more and help people escape patterns that were taking from their quality of life. I was passionate and fascinated by psychology as a field of study and as an avid athlete and competitive runner, personal training made a lot of sense for me career wise as well. Still, I found the success rates in each discipline left something to be desired. Then in my early twenties, I had my own experiences with acupuncture after various trips to South-East Asia for work. It improved my health when nothing else seemed to work and deeply impacted my idea of what medicine could be. It changed my life, and inspired me to practice the medicine so others could feel the same way.

I strongly believe in the value of integrative medicine. There is enormous power in combining different approaches to health. Yet, acupuncture should not just be a last resort, but instead used as a first defense, an efficient and natural way to balance the body and help restore health. Every patient is unique, and I want to see all of them experience good health and energy, as well as renewed hope for enhanced well-being.

Personal Insights

It’s been said that one can think of Western doctors as the firefighters of the world’s healthcare providers and Chinese doctors as the housekeepers. Break a bone or come down with acute appendicitis, call the hospital. Suffer from symptoms that make everyday life unpleasant, call a specialist in Chinese medicine. I like this idea because it captures something of the distinctiveness of each, while at the same time reminding us that the approaches of each can be mutually beneficial and complementary in their treatment of the whole individual.

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My Skills

Acupuncture 100
Personal Trainer 100
Social Worker 100

What Clients Say

I was a bit aprehensive at first – who likes needles?!? But it was comfortable, relaxing, and virtually pain-free! My 90-minute acupuncture appointment has become the highlight of my week!
Mandy, Office Manager, Boulder, CO
I am picky when it comes to my health care providers. David is gifted with listening, helping and healing. I always felt confident that I received quality care with him.
Suzanne, YMCA Wellness Coach, Boulder CO
After many years of being an athlete, adding Acupuncture to my regime changed my life for the better. Not only am I more flexible and enjoying far fewer aches and pains, my blood pressure is improved and my stress is greatly reduced.
John, Engineer, Boulder CO